Kaavish puts Gunkali for FREE DOWNLOAD


An interesting development: Kaavish – a young semi classical/pop Pakistani band – has put up its debut album ‘Gunkali’ online for FREE DOWNLOAD on The Official Website

Kaavish Gunkali Album Download FREE

The album produced by Faisal Rafi, with collaboration of music maestros like Gumby and Omran Shafique is a perfect treat for genuine music lovers(I rated it 8/10).However, due to the the failure of record labels to promote and distribute the albums effectively, It is now said that most of the Pakistani Music albums go un-noticed. Perhaps, just because of this reason the band Kaavish also decided to put their album ONLINE for FREE Download.

There has been no continuous trend to put a latest album ONLINE FOR FREE by many Bands. But it is interesting to note that  Overload – the loudest band of Pakistan – took this bold step last year and released its brand new second album Pichal Pairee on its website for FREE.

The record label Fire Records which released Gunkali and launched Kaavish, have always showed concerns over the online distribution of album by the musician themselves. The label is of the view that Music Albums are Company’s property and Musicians have NO RIGHT over their own compositions, content and tracks. (strange enough).

Fire Records have always dictated the major stake holders in the Pakistani Music Industry. We will wait and see If Kaavish gets the same treatment by the label and we get the next story to cover: ‘Jaffer gets a threat call from Yezdani’. 😉

Before it all happens in REAL and the album download link get removed, Go and Get Gunkali from Kaavish Official Website (its 128 KBPS CD Quality Rip)

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