Juro Gey to Jano Gey – Jazba Jhoot Bolne Ka.


Jazz Jazba launched its latest campaign entitled ‘Juro Gey to Jano Gey’ this week featuring the Superstar of Pakistan Mr. Atif Aslam. The campaign was launched with an Advertisement that went on air first followed by a Music Video for the song ‘Juro Gey to Jano Gey’.

Atif ASlam Juro Gey to Jano Gey Based on Real Events or FAKEThe video went viral just like the usual Atif Aslam stuff and received about 10,000 views in less then 12 hours (cool, eh?). The video starts with a line written “Sachchay Waqiyat Per Mabni” that translates as ‘Based on Real Events’. The whole video revolves around a kid who is so passionate about Music that he doesn’t care about his education or anything else in the world. You can see the kid trying his best to play the guitar and sing, Running to auditions and never getting a chance, Going to people but nobody wants to listen to him. After trying everything, the kid starts playing in a Bar/Club/Restaurant or whatever and in the Kid you can see the kid as one of Pakistan’s most of famous artist ‘Atif Aslam’ playing in a huge concert full of his fans cheering up for him.

Now when I saw the video I was like WTF!? (Yes, I was). I have been following Atif Aslam from the start, I have read, heard and seen his interviews, I know how we started and I even know people who know him since his early days and I could tell the video was nothing but just A LIE! That also by a brand like ‘Mobilink Jazz’.

If you do your research; Atif Aslam was never really into music or becoming a Popstar. He was a kid who was passionate about Cricket and always dreamt to be a Cricketer but he had a good voice and his friends encouraged him to sing and that’s how he got into music but in the music video you can see him trying his ass off to play music and becoming a Rockstar which is not true at all and to top it all ‘Its all based on true events’? MY A**E.

Just to prove myself, Let me quote a paragraph from his Biography that is from his own website (www.aadeez.com)

Atif Aslam Biography“On 12th March, 1983 Atif Aslam was born in Wazirabad, Pakistan. He soon moved back to Lahore (his hometown) and started his education. Throughout his school and college life, Atif was more enthusiastic about cricket than anything else. He aspired to be a cricketer some day and music was probably the last thing on his mind.

In College though, his friends encouraged him to sing. He took part in many singing competitions in college and won them. He was boosted by these competitions and decided to record from his own pocket money. That’s how “Aadat” happened.”

It does say that he wanted to record his song with his own pocket-money but where does it say that Atif Aslam was a born musician and was always passionate about becoming a star?

I am writing this article just to prove my point that these days music in Pakistan is nothing then just sell-out bitches singing what their employers ask them to and pay them to but when they go for Interviews and stuff like that they will always be like ‘Oh, I was always passionate about music. I sing from my heart, My music is all about my feelings, I sing and write whatever comes from inside my soul’ and shit like that and then the Brands such as Jazz Jazba here will try their best to produce a high-budgeted video and advertisement for their brand with a fake story just to make it look even more emotional and sell their cellular sims?

Why do people always have to fake when it comes to music? Why brands like these will support these fake mainstream artists but not the upcoming artists who have been playing music for years now and are really passionate about it and it’s not just the artist and the brand but also other people involved like: The Director, The Producer, The Production team etc. The well-known directors of our music industry are either too busy making the Ad-Films of brands full of pockets with money or busy in making Feature-Films etc but they won’t accept any offers from an upcoming musician because he doesn’t have any budget as big as them?

Where is our industry going?

Are we only going to support the music and videos where we get to see half-naked girls dancing like maniacs? Or fake musicians like these who play music just for sake of making more Money & Fame? Why can’t we support the true musicians who are the pioneers of this music industry?

People don’t know who is Asad Ahmed or Aamir Zaki or even Rohail Hyatt but they do know artists like Atif Aslam, Falak, Adeel and all the “artists” who are famous mainly because of going to India and having a song in a Bollywood which wasn’t even worth listening and watching?

I think it’s us who can change the industry or lets just say save the industry? I rest my case infront of all the viewers and supporters of Pakistani Music. If we can talk openly about the politics and politicians being wrong and support Imran Khan and PTI because we believe they are true to us and themselves then we can support true musicians and change Pakistani Music Industry just like we dream of changing Pakistan.



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