Stylist Mubashir Khan Making a Comeback!


It has been two years since we last heard from stylist and fashion enthusiast Mubashir Khan. After spending time in his native country, Mubashir flew to the United Kingdom as a motivation to improve himself. “Taking a break is the best thing I did,” explains Mubashir while he tells the tale about his time in the UK working as the manager of Regis Salons. “In London, I found what I left searching for.” With a desire to learn more about the business standpoints in the last two years, Mubashir made his return to Pakistan.

However, he has left his career as a stylist and runs a salon and teaching the staff instead. His niece Zainab, taught by Mubashir himself, also works in his new salon. When questioned about his departure from styling, Mubashir answered, “When I left Karachi two years ago, I know that I wanted to stop. I strongly felt that I didn’t want to be cutting hair forever. I wanted to train people; create a team and put it on the front-line.”

His salon is situated on Khayaban-e-Nishat and takes pride on its cleanliness and facilities. Filled with vanilla fragrance, the salon has Afsheen Teli’s furniture, girls in uniforms and separate compartments. “You have no idea what it takes to maintain this level of perfection,” states Mubashir regarding the level of his up-to-date salon. “A salon has to be luxurious,” he adds while showing soft, crème-coloured micro-fibre towels. “I take responsibility if any client is upset, not my girls.”

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