Pakistani Fashion Week 3 Held in UK


Pakistan has always received a well amount of applause for the fashion industry but when appreciated in the city of fashion and glamour such as London, England then of course the applause is worth the hype. The event had 35 big shot designers from Pakistan and other countries. The three day event took place from 16th to 18th of November and cemented the high profile name of the fashion industry of the country.

Among the big leagues, there were designers Ayesha Hashwani, Zaheer Abbas, Maheen Khan, BJP, Maheen Khan, Saadia Mirza, Rizwan Ahmed, Ranan Noman, Sonia Batla, Gulahmed textile, AlKaram, Zanib Chuthani, Hasina Khanani, Umer saeed, Ayesha Ibrahim, and Jewelry designer Nazneen Tariq and makeup artist Huma Tahir. Hasina Khanani alsom made quite an impact at the mega fashion event with her prêt collection which was titled ‘Bring Back My Art’.

Fashion enthusiast Naomi Ansari was ever so excited about the grand event and enthusiastically stated, “The main purpose to showcase our collection at PFW3 was to reach out with a new style aesthetic on a national basis.”

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