Rani Taj’s Rise to Classical Music


Singers come, leave a mark in their field and become legends, then either retire or continue their career playing classical songs. That is not the case when it comes to the dhol wonder, Rani Taj. Bhangra, not much of a fan favorite when it comes to mainstream music, has been as of late dominated by the 18 year-old girl, Rani Taj. The girl credits Goonga and Mithu Saeen for her success.

Those who are not familiar with the dhol wonder, Rani Taj is a British Pakistani Bhangra artist from Birmingham, United Kingdom. Though already renowned in the Midlands, the girl’s fame went sky high when a viral video of her playing dhol with Rihanna’s song ‘Rude Boy’ being played at the back quickly spread on the social networking site, Facebook.

As of late, Rani Taj is focusing her career on classical Sufi dhol music. Regarding the quick change, the dhol wonder has stated to The Express tribune, “I always found the Sufi style of playing dhol much more intricate and soulful.” Considering the fact that she was the only female and youngest of the judges in a dhol competition in the United Kingdom, it is safe to say that Rani Taj has left quite a mark in her field for her age. Sadly, the dhol wonder has an equally important burden on her head: education. This forces her to return to Birmingham to continue her studies but claims that she will always keep Pakistan close to her as she claims it to be “the heart of dhol.”

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