Ali Zafar and Nargis Fakhri Performed a Breathtaking Stunt For a TVC


The two, Ali Zafar and Nargis Fakhri, were spotted together for the very first time in a Mobilink television commercial a while ago and it looks like that the duo is reuniting for one more commercial but this time, it is going to involve a risky high-flying motorcycle manoeuvre.

While shooting for the video, Ali and Nargis were slated for a bike scene in which the vehicle was supposed to take a flight from a significant height,  Surprisingly, both the talented individuals refused a stunt double and performed the daring feet by themselves.

Ali Zafar and Nargis Fakhri performed a Breath taking Stunt for Mobilink TVC

A source claims that, “Ali is passionate about bikes and Nargis is an action freak. Luckily enough, the shot was okayed in the first shot itself and thankfully, none of the two was injured.” Considering the fact how bravely the motorcycle stunt was successfully accomplished by Ali Zafar, directors seeing him as a perfect action star is quite probable.

Astounded by what just happened, he source further stated, “Both Ali and Nargis were shown the stunt by the stunt doubles and were told that certain portions of it needed to be shot for their close-ups and for the rest, the stunt doubles would manage. However, Ali surprised everyone by insisting to do the deed on his own. To make matters more exciting, even Nargis showed her adrenaline junkie side.”

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