Nadia Khan ‘s Husband Challenged Her Divorce Rights


Most Influential Morning TV show host of her time, Nadia Khan, who has recently divorced her husband Khawar Iqbal, is now going to face a firm reply from her ex- husband. Reportedly, her husband Khawar has eagerly refused to accept divorce, saying Nadia Khan’s divorce rights are against Islamic laws.

The host who is known for her bold and straight forward style had filed a divorce case against her husband Khawar Iqbal, on the other hand her husband has now challenged the marriage certificate in the court, arguing that the wife can’t give divorce to her husband but can demand divorce from her husband according to the Islamic law, and according to him Nadia is still his wife. Whereas, Nadia Khan had got a provision in her marriage certificate according to which she can divorce her husband anytime whether he is willing to it or not.

To resolve the matter of Nadia-Khawar divorce, a bench of three members Justice Shahzad Sheikh, Justice Fida Muhammad Khan and Justice Arshad Jahangir, was constituted by the court. This bench will hear and resolve the case.

It is not new that the marriages and the divorces in the Pakistan’s Showbiz industry are becoming one of the most controversial topics. Recently Shaista Wahidi also got divorced, people were not yet over with Shaista Wahidi’s divorce that a new controversy is now coming out of the surface. Lets wait to see what happens in this case.

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