Morning Show Host Nadia Khan Back on GEO TV Networks


    Nadia Khan back on GEO TV NetworksThe Pioneer TV host of modern day Morning Shows, Nadia Khan, will be making a comeback (better call it a jumpback) on GEO TV Networks again.

    We have learnt from our sources that after remaining dissappeared from the screen for such a long time. Nadia Khan will be coming back to the screens with a BANG. This time she will be associated again with the biggest media group of Pakistan, GEO TV Networks. Reportedly, Nadia Khan will be hosting again the “morning show” on the premier television network of Pakistan, GEO TV.

    Currently, the morning TV show at GEO TV is hosted by Shaista Wahidi who now has a huge following. We are still un sure whether Nadia Khan will be replacing Shaista Wahidi as morning show host, or there will be another  parallel morning show on GEO TV Network.

    The news got leaked when a couple of days back, Official facebook page of GEO TV, shared the page of “Nadia Khan Show”. The page management put the description like “Nadia again at Geo. Please like this page to welcome her.”. This update alerted us and when we asked our sources regarding it, it was confirmed by them.

    Nadia Khan Show back on Geo TV

    Nadia Khan Show, which used to be broadcasted from Dubai, was banned by UAE Government a couple of years ago, when Nadia Khan showed the fight of Filmstar Noor and her Husband on her show. The husband of Noor, Vikram, then filed a suit against Nadia Khan Show and the court put a ban on the show for six months or so.

    Later we reported that that Nadia Khan had joined Dunya News Network. There, Nadia Khan also hosted one EID Special Program on Dunya News, but later the show could not be continued. We then heard that deal couldn’t work out as “Nadia Khan was charging very high rates” and “was also sued by someone”.

    Now, as Nadia Khan is back on GEO TV Network, we will have to see what would be the future of Shaista Wahidi who is currently hosting the morning TV show on GEO TV. It is interesting to note here that Maya Khan has also been selected as Morning Show host on ARY NETWORK. What other choice would Shaista have in case she gets the red signal from GEO ?

    Stay tuned to this blog as there is so much shuffling going on, in the world of Morning TV shows.

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