Nadia Khan Show 2012: with Pervez Musharraf and Veena Malik


Nadia Khan with Veena Malik and MusharrafNadia Khan Show is finally back and now airing again from GEO TV Networks. Nadia Khan Show was banned by UAE Government back in 2010, for giving hype to a personal matter on a popular TV Show.

After she left GEO TV, Nadia Khan joined Dunya News Network to start another morning TV Show for the channel, but the deal couldn’t work out longer. Then, after an year or so, GEO TV showed some green signal to Nadia Khan and both the parties sorted out their issues and agreed to bring Nadia Khan Show back on Geo TV networks.

The show finally re-started on 31st March 2012 and guests like Sarmad Khoosat, Kamiar Rokni and another TV actress and Morning Show host Nadia were seen in the comeback show.

It wasn’t as such a very huge show as the guests very not-so-high-profile and most-wanted-ones. But now, this weekend, Nadia Khan has taken on board, two of the most controversial yet followed public figures of Pakistan. They are none other than the Ex-President Pervez Musharraf, who didn’t come back to Pakistan after he had resigned back in 2008, and Veena Malik, who has been making notorious headlines from India since last year.

Probably, this would be the very first time Nadia Khan will be taking Musharraf Sahab on board, though she had invited Veena Malik on her show back in 2009. The show with Pervez Musharraf will be telecasted on Saturday 10:30 PM where as Veena Malik will be seen in Nadia Khan Show on the very next day, at the same timing.

Where is Nadia Khan Show being recorded?

It is being said that the show is being recorded again in Dubai, as both Musharraf and Veena didn’t come back to Pakistan for quite sometime.

We predict Veena Malik will be taking huge mileage from Nadia Khan Show. She might be gaining sympathies of Pakistani masses or may be she starts another controversy with the show. We will just have to wait a couple of days to see how the “drama queen” takes advantage from Pakistan’s most popular TV Show. Stay Tuned!!!

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