Model Sofia Mirza Accused For Kidnapping A Girl


What a disgrace, another Pakistani model indulged in an immoral act, and this time its Sofia Mirza, who has been arrested by Lahore civil line police on Tuesday over abduction charges, a local news channel reported. The innocent looking actress is now accused for kidnapping a college girl “Saba”. The parents of the kidnapped girl have filed a FIR against the actress, and as a result of the FIR, Police has arrested the Model from her residence.

According to the media reports, Rukhsana, the mother of Saba, reported an abduction case in the local police station a few days back, after her daughter was considered missing, as she didnot return home from her college.

When police was asked about their point of view, the officials said,”Saba was missing from 10th October, her mother launched a report in the police station, in reply we have arrested Sofia who is accused to have arrested Saba.”

Previously Nargis, Veena and Mathira, had been arrested for taking their part in some Shameful actions.

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