Sadia Imam in Hijab

The things husbands do for the happiness of their wives – or were it the other way around? Recently, we just heard about the shocking news of ‘Bebo’ of Bollywood, Kareena Kapoor embracing Islamfor the happiness of his would-be Muslim husband Saif Ali Khan and now, a similar example of pleasing the husband is set in Pakistan and not just an ordinary one. It is by none other than the soft-spoken Pakistani model and actress, Sadia Imam.Sadia Imam’s tying the knot plays a huge role in her new clothing article. The sudden change in the gorgeous Pakistani model-turned-actress originated after her recent Nikah ceremony – which was a private one – as she started to be seen wearing hijab in the public; a decision she made due to the happiness and requests of her better half.

Following the footsteps of fellow actresses Sara Chaudhary and Urooj Nasir, Sadia Imam has not only shown to the nation that wearing a hijab or a scarf or following a dress code of Islam while being in the public may be simplicity at its best but nothing short of beauty, but has also proved that obeying her husband is indeed a priority.

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