Entertainers Do Have Right To Discuss Religion, Said Veena Malik


Controversy star, Veena Malik in response to the criticism showed by the critics for her Ramadan show Astaghfar, said that entertainers do have the right to discuss religion. She also rejected the perception that entertainment and religion should be kept separate.

She also added that religion is very beautiful thing and everyone, no matter wherever in the world he is, has full right to learn and talk about religion. On being told that entertainers talking about religion was just like a ‘maulvi’ wanting to be a hero in the entertainment industry, she pounded onto the maulvi’s saying that they do simulate themselves some kind of hero on television, she also associated their cloths to some ostentatious type.

When she was asked for her thoughts for being flirty with the camera, she answered,”No man can look at me the way the camera looks at me because the camera makes me look really pretty. The way I flirt with the camera, I can never flirt with anyone.”

Veena said that she has no plans to permanently settle in India, as she had never set boundaries for her, whether its Pakistan or some other country but as long as she was offered beautiful and interesting projects in India, she would stay there.

Watch the video below after 6:00 mins for relevant part in the following interview:

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