Bayghairat brigade Light Up Their new Project


Bayghairat Brigade, a Pakistani rock band became famous By the success of  “Aalu Anday”, a politically charged and satirical rock song, which got them a sky high fame overnight. Now they have decided to come up with  their new song “Dhinak Dhinak”.

Previously, Aalu Anday had challenged censorship and the celebration of violence in Pakistan (particularly from its leaders),  The song was composed on some controversial characters which includes  Ajmal Qasab, one of the 2008 Mumbai attackers and The “qadri”, the guard who had killed Salmaan Taseer, the governor of Punjab, for being outspoken against Pakistan’s blasphemy laws. Due to these controversial references in the song, the band suffered a result of the video’s dissemination.

But now in an interview the band spoke about its upcoming releases, censorship issues and the politics that fuel their creativity. Ali Aftab Saeed explain his opinion that now they are aware of the fact, that in Pakistan censorship is always been a problem and the freedom of speech can be halted an time.

Saeed said, “It was a gamble. We were more concerned about something happening to us rather than making money.” “Most of the major artists who do political satire check to see if the mainstream media will like it. But we always tried to look to social media,” he added.

When asked about their new project, they explained that it is another politically charged song that uses sarcasm to criticize the state. Saeed was reluctant to share any specific details.


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