Char Payee, Finds the Sounds Of Their Music


Char Payee, a popular garage band from Pakistan, who has taken Pakistani music industry by a storm last year; it happened so when it participated in the Red Bull Tum Tum Pa World Final, organized in Rio D Janeiro, Brazil in 2011 where they had represented Pakistan and competed in a free style drumming competition and was crowned as the 4th best team in the world.

The band has garnered so much popularity in the general public because of hand their free style drumming in production of their latest cover “Some body I Used To Know“, made at walnut studio. The song got more then 40000 views in just 10 days of its launch.

Currently the band itself is composed of Raja Nabeel Banwa, Ahmer “Kichoo” Mubashar, Talha Jamil, Usman Qureshi, who all are known for their abilities to produce music for all sort of unorthodox things, way different from conventional music instruments. These strange music instruments includes household utensils, crockery, stationery items, cans, bottles etc. and

The Band’s leading vocalist  and percussion player Raja Nabeel Banwa said, “We have officially launched the concept of a garage band in Pakistani music, We felt that percussion drumming was becoming monotonous so we sort of expanded upon both concepts.” He also added, “When we were in Brazil, we had conversations with an Egyptian band who said we should definitely have a garage band.”

On the other hand, when Kichoo was asked about the concept of their music sounds, he said,“Wherever we go we are looking for new sounds; the other day we went to a bakery where we saw a red ribbon making a hissing noise. Another time we took a straw and transformed it into a mini-trumpet. So, basically, we always have something to play with.”

The band is looking forward to head back to the studio and record a patriotic track for this year’s Independence Day.

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