Mountain DEW Presents The Dark Knight Rises in Pakistan


Disclaimer: This one is a sponsored post!

Mountain Dew Pakistan, the proud sponsor of Box Office leader in the past, Fast Five, not only accomplished in gathering a massive pool of fans of The Fast & The Furious series, but also was successful in maintaining all the users’ interests in engaging activities followed with eye-catching prizes.

The Dark Knight Rises in PakistanThis time, history repeats itself as Mountain Dew Pakistan, again proudly sponsors another Box Office leader – The Dark Knight Rises.  Having an outstanding response with its release in UK, US, Australia, Spain and 9 other countries, The Dark Knight has undoubtedly risen above the rest in the Box Office. Defeating all time leaders like Avatar & The Avengers, the fan response has truly helped The Dark Knight Rises make their mark in Box Office history.

To keep in line with the level of excitement and engagement The Dark Knight Rises currently possesses with its fans, Mountain Dew Pakistan brings to the table activities and prizes of equal excitement and engagement. Just recently, Mountain Dew Pakistan was giving 500 lucky fans FREE tickets to the premiere! And since it was understood that no one would want to go such an awesome movie alone, Mountain Dew Pakistan not only gave away tickets for the winners, but also for any one person the winner would like to take along! In a nut shell – Mountain Dew Pakistan gave away 1000 tickets to 500 fans!!

And guess what, that’s not all! Activities for fans just like you have been set and scheduled to be conducted during and even after the premiere of the movie. Mountain Dew Pakistan has designed these campaigns to be such that fans get to relive the experience and maintain the era of The Dark Knight Rises even after seeing the movie.

Prizes set are such that relate to all sorts of fans. For people who just love to ‘Do the Dew’, Mountain Dew Pakistan is willing to keep your fridge FILLED with Dew for a WHOLE YEAR! Love to Do the Dew, but more of a techie? No problem! Mountain Dew Pakistan’s giving away iPhones, and not just any iPhone, an iPhone 4S! Die heard Batman fan, you say? Again, no problem! Mountain Dew Pakistan is willing to giving away the LIMITED EDITION Batman Mask from the movie!! And it doesn’t stop there, Mountain Dew has a bumper prizes in store for you, i.e. take you all the way to Italy and let you drive a LAMBORGHINI!!! How awesome is that?

So sip your Dew and stay tuned to the Facebook page ( and the website ( folks, because we’re sure you do NOT want to miss out on all these exciting prizes!

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