Another Pakistani Band Rushk lent their song to Jism2 [Darta Hoon Song Review]


RUSHK Pakistani BandIf there is a song which can raise your temperature in the most sensual way possible, then it is “Darta Hoon (Adhoora)” by Rushk the Band. The song is sung by progressive Gothic metal band from Karachi known as Rushk along with Nazia Zuberi Hassan and is originally from their album ‘Sawal’. Due to the soft lyrics and sensual elements the way Nazia Zuberi Hassan brings with her stunning and heart-touching voice, the song made its way to Pooja Bhatt’s upcoming erotic thriller, Jism 2.

[youtube width=”640″ height=”360″]KB0ZZrDmd24[/youtube]

Considering the fact that the talented Pakistani musicians are offered to lend their songs for Indian films despite India having a powerful amount of music personnel of their own, it truly is quite an honor for the Pakistani music industry due to opportunities of showing their talent on an international level. The song starts with low background music which gradually transforms into heavy guitaring and then comes the sensual element of the song: Nazia Zuberi Hassan.

The band RUShk sings the chorus throughout the song while Nazia Zuberi Hassan sings the empowering and heart grasping lyrics. The song is directed by Arko Parvo Mukherjee, produced by Shahi Hasan and the composition is credited to Uns Mufti and Ziyyad Gulzar. Seeing how the song suits an erotic thriller film, one can only imagine the excitement seeing the amazing porn star Sunny Leone sensually satisfying her bait while the song being played at the back.

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