“Dasht-e-Tanhai” by Meesha Shafi [Review]


If you have not seen the fifth episode of Coke Studio’s fifth season, then you have no right to call yourself a music fan because you have missed one hell of a performance: The fabulous Meesha Shafi sang the soothing song ‘Dasht-e-Tanhai’ with her powerful and sensual voice and considering the fact how exceptionally well her performance was, it is safe to say that the original singer of the song, late Iqbal Bano would have indeed been proud of her.

The song starts with heavy but slow heart capturing vocals by Meesha with no background music. The stunning Meesha continues the flow for the first two minutes and then comes the awaited drums and acoustic guitars doing their thing. The song becomes even better with the matching background music. The best thing about the song, other than Meesha’s talented voice, is its simplicity as the background music is solely based on soft drumbeats and even softer acoustics. Unlike many other Coke Studio songs, it does not comprise of loud electric guitars or trembling drum beats.

Coke Studio has received better feedback season after season and with Meesha Shafi performing this song alone, the Pakistani music industry is indeed getting better. In my humble opinion, the song is one of the best performances by the stunning Meesha Shafi and definitely worth listening for any Coke Studio fan.

[youtube width=”640″ height=”360″]tYB-6i_q4sU[/youtube]

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