Veena Malik ready to pose naked for Playboy for $1million


Veena Malik on Playboy CoverAs if Veena Malik’s naked FHM photoshoot was not enough to hyper Pakistani masses, the model and actress has now hinted to go full extent. Veena has said in a recent interview to UK’s popular news publication – Mirror – that she’d bare it all for mere $1 million.

If you didn’t get that, Veena has shown “her interest to pose naked” for The World’s most famous men magazine Playboy that features Naked Women in it. The actress confessed, If she was asked by Playboy for a naked pose, she would definitely go for it and avail the opportunity.

Veena said, “I’d think about it. Why would I say no? It’s a great opportunity. I’d definitely go for that.”

She further added: “That is my job. I am a model and I would consider every single opportunity that comes my way.”

Seeing the progress of Veena, it seems like she is so much in hurry and way too “desperate” for her success. After this another cheap publicity stunt by Veena, Who knows she turns out to be the “Sunny Leone of Pakistan” soon. #JustSaying

Let us know in the comments how would you react if Veena “actually does a photoshoot for Playboy”.

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