Raja Khalid Pervaiz Insecure about His Son’s Marriage With Meera


When it comes to the famous Pakistani actress Meera, the hot buzz surrounding her is the previous and future marital status. Due to such controversial issues, the actress’ would-be-father-in-law, Raja Khalid Pervez has over and over again openly expressed his feelings about the insecurity towards the fate of his son, Naveed Pervez. Considering the amount of legal issues Meera has indulged in over her career, one cannot blame Raja Khalid Pervez about worrying.

As far as his son Naveed Pervez’s life and property are concerned, his trust over Meera seems to approach absolute zero if seen on a temperature scale. Not only that, the cautious father took the issue to a whole new level after revealing his desire to discuss the matter in a press conference.

It should be recalled that during the start of the affair, Raja Khalid Pervez broke off his son’s engagement with Meera due to her marital status but was later forced to accept her due to his son’s commitment to her. The wedding of the love birds is set to take place on 21 July 2012 but seeing how serious the cautious father has made the issue, only the press conference can determine the fate of couple.

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