Ahsan Khan Confident About His Lollywood Career


Actors come and actors leave. That is pretty much the condition of the dedicated men in the low-budget film industry of Pakistan but that is not the case when it comes to the rising star, Ahsan khan. The young actor certainly has been on a role as of late considering the fact that he won the Pakistan Television Award for Best Male Actor and is now in this year’s nomination list for Lux Style Awards 2012.

During a recent interview with The Express Tribune, Khan revealed his ultimate goal crystal clear as he stated, “I always believe that my career should not be one of those that came and went. I want to leave a mark in Pakistan and be perfect at what I do.” Regarding his roles in the Pakistani cinema, Khan revealed that despite portraying “the nice guy” most of the times, he is not afraid of taking challenges of playing different types of characters.

As far as Lollywood is concerned, Khan is optimistic about its fate as he claims that the scripts, direction and acting have improved. Despite offers from few Indian dramas and international media projects, Khan has made it clear that he desires to work on an international level but at the same time, his loyalty will belong to his home, Lollywood.

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