Arif Lohar’s “Jugni” Makes Its Way To Cocktail [Review]


This July, Saif Ali Khan’s very own production company Illuminati Films brings you yet another romantic comedy film – Cocktail. The film stars Saif Ali Khan, Deepika Padukone and Diana Penty. We have to wait for the official release but what we do not have to wait for is the song ‘Jugni’ from the soundtrack of the film. For those unfamiliar with the song, it is from Coke Studio Season 3 amazingly performed by the legend of folk Arif Lohar and Meesha Shafi. The rights of the song were earlier bought by the film makers and the song is now re-sung by Arif Lohar with Harshdeep Kaur.



The official music video of the new “Jugni” consists of clips from the film including Gautam Kapoor (Saif Ali Khan), Veronica D’Costa (Deepika Padukone) and Meera Gupta (Diana Penty). The glamorous Deepika was offered both the roles of Veronica and Meera but chose the former as the latter was much similar to her character in Love Aaj Kal (also starring Saif Ali Khan).

The sad song starts with the words, “This season, Love Gets Complicated”. The beginning could not get any better as Gautam is shown kissing Meera, and then Veroncia. If that’s not complicated, I don’t know what is. Apart from several romantic scenes involving the three, it shows Saif’s character playing an acoustic guitar with a passion for music. The plot definitely seems to be mind-blowing while seeing the victims of the love triangle walking in the big city searching their destiny. Leaving the video aside, the lyrics and the composition of the song is exceptionally good and Arif Lohar, doesn’t matter if he is with Meesha, Harsdeep or alone, has still got it.

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