“Siyaah” to bring Horror in Pakistani Cinema


Amazing films such as ‘Khuda Kay Liye’ and ‘Bol’ captured the hearts of millions of Pakistanis but this is not enough to keep the cinema of Pakistan alive. With the decline of good films and other controversial issues, it seems highly unlikely that the disgraced face of Pakistani cinema will be able to once again achieve the tall heights of glory it once had. As of now, that may change because the Pakistani cinema has to deal with ‘Siyaah’ now.

What makes the upcoming film “Siyaah” unique is that it is not another emotional love story nor a film based on terrorism or religious insecurities. In fact, it is unique in the sense that it is a horror film based on black magic. The film is to be directed by Azfar jafri and guarantees to change the very face of horror as he has over and over again proudly claimed that he researched on the topic for a whole year before taking the responsibility of directing the film.

The story revolves around a modern family who is haunted by demons and other supernatural beings due to their very own disbeliefs. The plot has been written by comedian Osman Khalid Butt(who has also worked in another Pakistani horror movie Zibahkhana) and produced by Imran Raza Kazmi. Kazmi has revealed that it took quite a while to make this film as he had to struggle a lot to make the concept a reality. This is Jafri’s very first film and aims to, unlike same-old Hollywood movies, introduce black magic in a more “believable” manner. With all the hype and anticipations surrounding the film, only time can tell whether it will be enough to revive the lost spirit of the once proud Pakistani cinema.

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