How “The Others” ; Pakistan’s Youngest Band Is Supporting Music Industry


The young blood of Pakistan is full of passion, talent, the will to act and the courage to dream. Speaking particularly on the country’s music industry, one rock band that happens to take over it by storm is none other than ‘The Others’. The band consists of seventeen year old lead vocalist and lead guitarist Zoya Uzair and her eleven year old brother Ali as the drummer. Together they have impressively earned the reputation of being the youngest band of Pakistan. Impressively, the duo has been very active since February 2010 and has earned quite a name for themselves over the span of mere two years.

The siblings seem to take music as a way of life. “Music is a way of expressing oneself. Where I am at life at the moment, it just means everything to me. I will never stop,” said the passionate Zoya. “The passion is constant. I would listen to old songs sung by legendary music maestros and then their modern renditions and would try coming up with my own version, wanting to sound as good if not better.” Other than the rock genre, the duo is also focuses on whatever they are comfortable with as Zoya states that music is beyond race, ethnicity and dialogue.

The younger brother is quite an asset for the band in his own right as well. Drummer Ali, as revealed by Zoya, considers him a valuable commodity when it comes to drums and percussions as it makes her perform better. Despite the success and ambitions, the duo is still handling the burden of studies as well but fortunately is able to balance it with their passion for music. As far as the current status of the band is concerned, that might face a pit stop once Zoya goes abroad for studies and Ali finishes high school. That is a bomber that the fans must face sooner or later but the band guarantees that they will indeed reunite following the graduation.

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