Amir Khan To Engage With Faryal At Bolton Wanderers Reebok Stadium


Exchanging wedding rings while being surrounded by a thousand people (including legendary footballers Wayne Rooney, Rio Ferdinand, Ricky Hatton, David Haye etc) at a fancy engagement party worth £150,000 might be included in the agenda of certain second generation Pakistanis as it just so happened that the enthusiastic boxer Amir Khan is set to be engaged with an American-Pakistani. Faryal, the lucky 20 year old and her family could not be much happier. “My parents are already treating Amir like a son,” says the enthusiastic bride-to-be and that statement was strongly supported when her proud parents, father Shaukat and mother Zia gave the happy couple a BMW 750Li as a gift following the announcement of their engagement.

The boxer’s fans have time again compared his 5ft 3in fiancée’s looks to that of Kate Middleton. Amir considers himself lucky to have such a ‘humble’ and ‘terrific person’. The bride-to-be will be leaving for Great Britain this Friday for the sake of their engagement party and has plans to stay there for a week in order to give Amir a chance to show her around the city of Bolton. Regarding showing her around the city, the young boxer jokingly stated that, “I’m going to introduce her to a pasty barn, fish and chips – maybe even an ice cream if she’s lucky!”

The couple revealed how difficult the relationship was during the initial stages due to the language factor as Amir speaks with a broad Bolton accent. Faryal openly expressed her difficulty in comprehending her fiancée’s words as he often used to say ‘daft’ and ‘innit’ – which she had no idea of. The problem finally met the solution when she visited his home at Bolton to meet his family. Regarding the future, Amir said that, “I know New York is an amazing city but our future lies in Bolton – she can’t wait to live there!”

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