Catching up with Aahad Nayani (Interview)


Pakistan is known for its vibrant,classy and rocking music. To enhance the level of this Pakistani Music, the drummers of Pakistan also contribute a lot. We have the Giant names in drumming like Gumby, Farhad Humayun, Allan Smith, Salman Albert and various others who have contributed greatly to our local music industry.

Luckily, we now have available young breed of drummers who are energetic enough to steal any show all alone. One such rising Pakistani Drummer is Aahad Nayani, who is just 24 years old and currently plays for the popular band, Strings.

We caught up with him recently and asked him about his personal experiences in the industry so far.

Find below the detailed interview of Aahad Nayani, taken exclusively by Team PakiUM


How did you come to work with Strings?
There was a TV show Azm-e-Alishaan, national song competition by TV one channel and I was selected as a drummer for their house band. Fortunately, Faisal Kapadia and Bilal Maqsood were the jury. By the grace of GOD, they liked my work and approached me in-person to be part of their band and I gracefully accepted this magnificent opportunity.


When you think about Strings now, what’s your take on the band and what you experienced?
Amazing experience I must say .. I think both of them are very supportive and they always welcome you for new ideas.


Was there anything particular about other drummers that you picked up on?
Initially i picked up some stuff from my dad Wahid Ali Nayani, his style and how he kepts smiling and do crazy fills while playing drums. Then there’s this drummer called Mike Portnoy I think he played a major role in my drumming carrier as well as he improved my musicality level too.


How was ur experienced with Ufone Uth Records?
I see Uth records as a platform for our young generation to explore their talents and see where do they stand and what they want to do in this career specifically. I had a wonderful experience with Uth Records especially Gumby. He is one of those talented people who are ready to build positive energy and enthusiasm for youngsters.


You have been the ambassador of Vater Percussion, the American Company, so far, what’s your experience with them ?
I am fortunate to get the endorsement from Vater Percussions. They are also one of those who look for young talent and approach them by themselves rather then we knock their doors. They made this endorsement very easy for me. This company is American based but they have contacts in India too. Basically, I contacted them for the endorsement thing. Few days later, I received the call from Vater Percussions of India and they presented there idea of having me on board with them. Fortunately, the tour to India was planned at the same time. Before meeting in person, I emailed them the articles and videos of mine and my recording materials. Then I met them in India and finalized the endorsement.


You’ve played at many venues, Any funny moments or mishaps that you’d like to share?
No there’s Isn’t any.


What are the best and worst experiences of your career so far?
The first time when I told my family that I want to take drumming as my profession, I was totally an unacceptable person to them. I always use to receive a lot of teaching to go for a white collar job but I was not able to see myself sitting in the office and having papers around me. I use to play with any available band. I did not even know about their status. Sometimes they use to pay me, sometimes not. I use to have big arguments with everyone in the family. There was one thing in my mind that I will proof myself and the biggest turning point was Azm-e-Alishan from where I got entry in STRINGS and now I am able to see myself somewhere in upcoming years.


Do you have any practical tips for drummers wanting to improve their sound on the instrument?
Listen to all kinds of music. Slowly and gradually you will be able to figure out your genre. Once you know your genre then start practicing for it. With that, daily practice is very important which in turn will make your sound quality better. One more thing, listen and practice whatever you love and not what others tell you to do. (Don’t limit yourself)

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