Mountain Dew unleashes The AVENGERS! in Pakistan


The Avengers in PakistanThe big-budget blockbuster film The Avengers has been released in Pakistan, in association with Mountain Dew.

Thrilling, over the top crazy action experience, punch-packed with phenomenal power moves never before seen in movie history, Mountain Dew once again sets the pulse of millions of Pakistanis racing by bringing this global multi-million dollar hit “The Avengers” in Pakistan.

The plot: A gang of superheroes, Iron man, Hulk, Thor Captain America, Black widow, and Hawkeye all get together to save the world from the genius evil of Loki . Well that’s as much as we can give away for those who haven’t caught it yet. In the words of a fan: “it blew me away so far had to hitchhike my way back to reality”!

For MD this is not the first time its set movie theaters ablaze with a groundbreaking action thriller. Last year, it brought “Fast and the Furious 5” to Pakistan, exclusively marketing it across board with free tickets via Social Media, Radio and on-ground promotions. As the team at Mountain Dew puts it: “That was just the beginning…the best is yet to come”! And why not? Adrenaline rush is what Dew stands for and that’s is what its going to give its die-hard loyalists across Pakistan! We for one can’t wait for what’s next. Till then dewdes, Do the Dew.

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