Pepsi Pakistan gives you a Chance to meet Lionel Messi in Florida (Sponsored Post)


Pepsi Pakistani giving you a chance to meet MessiPepsi Pakistan gives you a Chance to meet Lionel Messi in Florida: Football. The most popular sport in the world. That may be hard to believe, we being a die-hard cricket nation, but there are many amongst us who get their blood pumping whenever our favorite team kicks some balls (pun intended).  There’s excitement in the air, and the airwaves for that matter, when Spanish rivals Real Madrid and Barcelona are about to have a face-off on the field. Manchester United or Chelsea? The answer could incite either jeers or cheers, depending on who you’re surrounded by. It feels like you belong to an exclusive club really, not to mention how convenient it is to strike up a conversation with a stranger knowing you have mutual respect for the same team! Although football has only just begun to break into our hearts, it’s easy to fall in love with the game.

Pepsi is keen on promoting the sport in Pakistan. Combining the ecstasy of music, the passion of football, and our delight for the drink, they’ve really scored a hat-trick (yes that term is also used in football). And now Pepsi wants you to take part in a contest that could win you a trip to remember! For all you fanatics of the 90 minute game, if you had thought meeting a football legend in your lifetime was just fodder for your daydreams, think again. You are getting a chance to realize that fantasy! Pepsi Pakistan wants to send 3 lucky fans to Miami, Florida in the USA to watch reigning footballer of the year, Lionel Messi!

Messi, FC Barcelona’s forward, is a true hero. Three-time consecutive FIFA World Player of the Year, and breaking records as soon as he began playing in clubs, it’s no wonder the whole world is in awe of him. The 24-year old broke through all obstacles in his way to become the legend that he is today. Diagnosed with a rare growth hormone deficiency at the age of 11, almost everyone he knew thought his dreams of being a professional footballer were over. But passion drove him to become one of the world’s greatest players of the game. Shy, humble and an incredible teammate, the guy is just a feast to watch when he’s dancing with the ball on the field.

Now you can watch him live in action, a privilege many would kill for! Pepsi Pakistan is running a competition on its Facebook page to test your knowledge of football. Answer as many questions as you can, and for each question, the first 2 winners will be chosen.   After the week-long activity, a pool of 22 finalists will enter a lucky draw at the end of the competition.  The lucky draw will pull out 3 very fortunate winners, who will get to see Messi in the flesh! A concert, beach parties, and a Miami cruise are just some of things planned for the 4 nights, 5 day all-expenses paid trip , making it one to remember for the rest of your life.

Stay tuned to Pepsi’s Facebook page and get in position to attack whatever comes your way. Let’s play ball!

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