Pepsi Cricket Fantasy League


Pepsi CRicket Fantasy LeaguePepsi and cricket go way back. Covering a period of over three decades, Pepsi Pakistan has always been a supporter and promoter of cricket. In all their TVCs we’ve always seen all the cricket gurus of Pakistan like Imran Khan, Wasim Akram, Shahid Afridi and the like drinking a bottle of Pepsi, or with regards to their previous campaign, fighting for the last bottle of Pepsi!

Pepsi Pakistan has had a sound history and presence on Facebook with cricket campaigns. They’ve had the Pepsi Cricket Academy (out of many), where they gave tips to the users on how to bowl, e.g. a Yorker, Bouncer, Off Spin, etc. And at the same time, they also taught/gave tips to users on how to bat, e.g. how to face a bouncer, or how to hit a Yorker for a four or a six.

Based on these campaigns, Pepsi Pakistan has had an astounding increase in fan base, recognition and association with the users in fulfilling their desire which they thought they could never enjoy online – cricket. Considering the T20 World Cup 2012, being hosted in Sri Lanka, is almost around the corner Pepsi Pakistan brings to its fans once again, after a huge success previously, The Pepsi Cricket Fantasy League!

Yes, that’s right – the Pepsi Cricket Fantasy League is back! Given its huge success in the 2011 ICC World Cup, Pepsi Pakistan knew they could not deprive their fans of this exciting campaign in the upcoming T20 World Cup.

Playing T20 matches online, alongside the actual T20 matches going on in Sri Lanka, users get a chance to form their dream team by selecting users from any country they feel like, and competing with other users’ registered teams. But that’s not where the excitement and fun starts, the true fun and excitement starts when the actual T20 matches begin. Because, the performance of your team in the Pepsi Cricket Fantasy League depends on how the players you’ve chosen, actually perform in the T20 World Cup matches! How cool is that?

And of course, every team in, any tournament/league is in competition for something – a prize, a trophy, an identification to claim their win. Pepsi Cricket Fantasy League teams are also competing for not one prize, but prizes. The teams are competing for, cricket goods; personally autographed by Shahid Afridi himself! And that’s not all! Amongst all the registered teams, three top winners would be chosen. Out of which, the third winner would receive Rs. 50,000 cash prize. The second winner would receive Rs. 100,000 and the team that rises above all, the champion, will receive a whopping cash prize of Rs. 500,000!

So come one folks! What’re you waiting for? Log on to right now and get yourself registered, because the sooner you register yourself and a team, the greater chances you have of winning! So grab that chilled Pepsi, and get to work, because the Pepsi Cricket Fantasy League is back with a bang!

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