Ali Zafar and Mathira Khan in new Pepsi Ad (Watch Now)


Ali Zafar and Mathira Khan in new Pepsi AdSo as speculated earlier, Mathira Khan was allegedly connected with Ali Zafar in controversial naked photoshoot. But the male model wasn’t really Ali Zafar himself. But somehow now, the destiny has connected the both and Ali Zafar and Mathira Khan will now be seen in a new Pepsi advertisement.

Ali Zafar has been appearing in Pepsi Ads since last Cricket World Cup, when he first recorded a special song “Yeh Dunya Hai Dilwalon Ke” for Pepsi Co. Now, another new Pepsi Ad is featuring Ali Zafar and to our excitement brings Hot and sensational Mathira Khan to a new front.

The ad starts with a typical Ali Zafar live performance and when he feels thursty during his performance he is served with a Cola at backstage (the bottle served is not actually the Pepsi Cola). The other Cola chokes his throat and Ali Zafar then loses his energetic voice and starts sucking at singing. Here comes Mathira Khan, who saves the day by serving/offering the star a PEPSI.

You guys have to wait a lil more to actually see it on Youtube as it just started airing on Television channels today. Stay tuned to the blog for the video and remember where you get the Exclusive News first 😉

Updated: Here comes the Video of new Pepsi Ad featuring Ali Zafar and Mathira Khan:


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