Veena Malik: “Meera is the only dirt in Pakistani Film Industry”


Veena Malik and MeeraAs I had predicted earlier, Veena Malik successfully created another controversy in her recent interview with Nadia Khan. Where Veena Malik smashed Pakistani film director Syed Noor so badly, she didn’t leave Meera alone and called her “a dirt in the Pakistani Film Industry” *something we all Pakistanis would agree to some extent* LOL

When Veena was asked whether she faced any harassment by any co-actor/colleague in her early career, she revealed:

“Just like there is some dirt everywhere, Pakistani Film Industry also has one dirt and that is only Meera” – (Ouch that was way too blunt! )

While explaining why Meera is so bad,Veena told that Meera had paid someone to throw acid on my(Veena’s) face. Also, Meera used to phone Veena Malik to put pressure on her to leave the film industry.

After revealing this much, Veena then turned towards some logic and explained why this was happening in the industry. She believed it was all happening as the girls in film industry were coming from a specific background, mainly from red-light areas (quite known fact in Pakistan).  They didn’t have an educational background, and Meera specifically had some psychological issues as well.

Veena emphasized that she was the one girl who set a trend that an actress/girl can come into film industry from a respectable family. [audience citation needed]


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