Veena Malik Denies Stripping for Zindagi 50:50, Explains Copying Angelina Jolie’s ‘Oscar Pose’


In her new film Zindagi 50:50, directed by Rajiv S Ruia, Veena Malik is playing the role of a sex worker and rumours are that she is going nude again, but this time for the film. Veena denied any such thing saying:

“I’m not stripping for any film. I have never gone nude nor does the film have such scenes. There are a few bold scenes, but they are aesthetically shot.”

It seems like Veena enjoys poking fun at other actresses, she does so recently with Hollywood’s A-list glamour actress Angelina Jolie. Veena reportedly copied Angelina’s now notorious ‘Oscar pose’ on the runway. When asked what it was, Veena said:

“Nothing was actually planned. When I wore the gown, my legs were sticking out and that was the only way I could have posed. If you see the picture, I have no fancy hairdo either.”

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