Sur Kshetra halted, rights sold to Star Plus Network?


Sur Kshetra Sur Ki BaziIt has been a while since we last heard about the “biggest singing reality TV show of Sub-continent”. Yeah, we are discussing today about Sur Kshetra, also known as Sur Ki Bazi.

The last we heard about it was the controversies attached to its auditions. But after an initial chaos the things finally moved forward. But now again according to some recent reports, the progress of the show is halted.

Though, all the selected participants of the show from India and Pakistan are already in dubai and getting training under their captains and teachers. But at the upper production level, things have been changing speedily. As of yet, we knew that Sahara One was the network that had the rights of Sur Kshetra in India. But now the news is coming that the show will be moving to another channel, most probably on Sony Network.

According to Hindustan times:

…the show is believed to have switched channels following a difference in opinion and interests between Sahara One officials and the producer, famous for a slew of musical reality shows.

Our sources insist that talks have been on for a while and have been moving smoothly for the producer and Star Plus, and the deal is likely to be signed within this week.

We haven’t yet got any clue that Sony Network has actually acquired the rights of the show. However, it is confirmed that GEO TV will broadcast the show in Pakistan (but not jointly now with Sahara One).

Runa Laila’s mother death:

We also heard from our close sources that rehearsals/recordings were stopped for a few days as mother of one of the judges had passed away recently. Runa Laila (from Bangladesh) who is also a judge in music reality TV show, had to leave for her country after the tragic news came her way.

Current status of Sur Kshetra:

Atif Aslam Sur Kshetra aka Sur Ki BaziThe latest update regarding Sur Kshetra has come from the side of Atif Aslam this time, who is the captain of Pakistan Team. This was the status posted on Atif Aslam’s official page yesterday:

“Atif Aslam is currently busy with the shooting of his first ever musical reality show “Sur Kshetra”. As soon as the show airs, we will provide all of you with exclusive pictures & videos from the show itself as well as backstage moments, preparations & rehearsals. The lack of activity on the page is a sign of things to come! ”

So this also confirms that singer was hecticly busy in show recordings and the show has actually been delayed longer than expected. It is also worth mentioning here that the superstar Atif Aslam has been completely disappeared from music scene since he went to Dubai for the recordings of the show. Apparently, he is bound to spend his time there for the recordings of the show.

There is a lot more we have to cover regarding Sur Kshetra but we keep that for another day. Stay tuned !

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