Amitabh Bachchan Thinks Ali Zafar’s ‘Yaar Daddi’ to be Soulful and Brilliant


Recently, the news of Amitab Bachchan being in a hospital has led many of fans to be in a tensed state themselves. He is considered to be Bollywood’s biggest star and almost worshipped by many people in India. But during his stay in the hospital he eased the pain of his illness through listening to soothing music from Coke Studio singers. He tweeted about it saying that he admires the voices of many both from India and Pakistan.

According to a report in Times of India, Amitabh was asked by his Twitter followers about what he thinks of Ali Zafar’s song Yaar Daddi when he praised Pakistani version of Coke Studio. The evergreen star replied that he had heard the song and felt that it was soulful and brilliant.

When Ali Zafar was told that Amitabh Bachchan appreciates his music and talent, the Prince of Pop was humbled and considered the Big B’s words better than getting any award, saying:

“I have never met Mr Bachchan but I wish to someday. I have immense respect for him. He has been my favourite actor since my childhood. I remember I always used to cry whenever he used to die in his films and my family would tease me about it. No award could ever measure to his comments about that song of mine.”

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