Was Veena Malik Really Spying for ISI?


Some celebrities go in and out of controversial news, some are always in controversies. Veena Malik is one such actress who is always in controversial news and in controversies, created by her own will. This time around she is amidst deep water. She has been accused of spying for the Pakistani premier intelligence agency, ISI.

The accusation came after her controversial naked photoshoot for the Indian magazine, FHM, that displayed a tattoo reading ISI on her arm. The picture was on the front cover of the magazine. A complaint was launched recently against her and the magazine by Mahidul Hassan, who is an Imam of a Mosque in South Delhi’s Jamia Nagar. The assumption on which the complaint was made was that the tattoo was a “sign” that meant Veena was spying for ISI.

Another component of the complaint was hurting people’s emotions, as Muslims were offended by such a shameful behavior. Accusing Veena of spying for ISI is still understandable as she is a Pakistani actress, but what remains a curiosity is the fact that an Indian magazine FHM had done this photoshoot with every detail of it as they wanted it to be. What information could a person like Veena gain for ISI and what information could an Indian magazine divulge at its risk?

The complaint was also made against the magazine by the same person. So far, Veena Malik has not only denied being a spy, but she altogether denied ever posing nude for any photoshoot and claimed that the picture had been tampered with to make her look like this.

So with this, another controversy arises, this time indulging an under-cover organization that should not be messed up with at any level. But Veena Malik can go to any extent wildly imaginable to make her appear in the news and waste our time. The only solution is to ignore her for once, because she is not worth wasting our time, and certainly not ISI’s precious prestige too.

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