Ali Zafar Won Stardust’s ‘Superstar of Tomorrow’ Award


Ali Zafar has already established himself as a brilliant actor. He does not need further telling about the same as he knows how much effort he puts into his work. But it is always fun and humbling all the way to actually get nominated for a role and then win an award for it. It is honouring and encouraging and to get a pat on the back from Bollywood film-goers, above all most importantly the critics, is something that every actor looks to achieve.

Ali Zafar has done just this in a relatively short period of time being someone from across the border for India. For London, Paris, New York, Ali got a chance to showcase his all-rounding talent as an artist. He not only acted in the film, but also composed its music and sung the melodies. It is hard not to notice someone that good in everything that Indian audience goes for, which is singing, dancing, composing and acting. Being this musical in the land renowned for its affair with all forms of music, Ali Zafar was bound to be given recognition he so well deserves.

Ali made his debut in Bollywood with critically acclaimed Tere Bin Laden playing a comical role, for which he was also nominated for Filmfare Best Male Debut Award. But this is the first time that Ali actually won an award for something and he has many more to come his way, if recognized for his work as is his due.

He was awarded ‘Superstar of Tomorrow’ by Stardust, which means that Bollywood believes he has got what it takes to make it to the next level of craze, frenzy of fans and performance. He still experiences all that here in Pakistan. Ali Zafar tweeted his reaction to this new happy happening saying:

“Thank u #Stardust for the honour. Indeed my first award in Bollywood and a massive one.”

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