Ali Zafar Got a Free Hand to Compose Music for LPNY


Ali ZafarThe cast of the much-awaited London, Paris, New York is on tour to promote their new film. Recently, the cast was in New Delhi for the purpose seen dancing around, singing melodies from the film and having a good time mingling with the locals there. The producer of the film Goldie said:

“Ali is a multi-talented person, and we are lucky to have him not just as an actor in the movie, but also because he gave some melodious compositions for it.”

When there is Ali Zafar present in a gathering, it cannot end without him humming a few lines. He sang a bit and his co-star Aditi joined him in for it. Ali Zafar composed the music of the whole film and this is his first time trying a hand at this. He admitted it was not easy saying:

“It was tough. I used to write and compose for my albums, but this was a film and the songs were written and composed according to the situation, derived and given to you by the director and writer.”

But to give him a free hand, he had a chance of using his creativity at its best, which is why the music is good. Ali said:

“I didn’t have to remake any songs. Whatever I sent the producers and director, they liked it.”

The director and the producers trusted his talent and they got back good results as was expected from Ali. The film is due to be released on March 2.

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