Veena Malik Gets an Offer for a British Film as a Lead Actress


Veena Malik signs british filmVeena Malik is on the rise and apparently in high demand, because when an actress can take her talent to the UK, she sure has arrived. Recently Veena Malik proudly shared the news of her signing a film with a British director very happily and why would not she, because she also happens to be in the lead role.

She told Times of India that:

“I am getting many offers from across the globe. Recently, a UK film team was in Dubai and I was shortlisting a few offers that would suit me. I have zeroed in on a few fashion projects and a film. I can’t reveal more at the moment.”

She seems determined but just not enough for the Indian directors she has worked with. They have complained against her not following the schedule and delaying production, which can cost millions at times. As is the nature of Veena to appear committed, she said she will follow through this time around because as she said in her words:

“All my producers and directors are well aware of my schedule and I will not let anyone down. I am the leading lady and I am sure there are crores and crores riding on me.”

Not only millions worth of production money lies on her, but being a leading lady in any film means that even after the production, more than ever before, millions lie on her after the film has been released to make it worth the efforts and costs.

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