Meera Says She Had Love at First Sight with Naveed Three Years Ago


Meera with her fiance Naveed PervezFilmstar Meera has made news regarding her marriage even before, but for all the wrong reasons. This time, she is really getting married to a guy she says she fell in love with at the first meeting almost three years ago. So this whole thing has been kept quiet by Meera for a long time. There had been a little Twitter doubt as to whether this news is even true or not, but she confirmed herself in an interview that she is indeed tying the knots with a Pakistani-American pilot named Naveed Pervez.

She told an Urdu daily, Nai Bat, that her engagement will be this month on February 19. Only close friends, family and relatives are invited. But the wedding/marriage ceremony will take a few more months to happen and the Valima will be held in Lahore. These much are the plans as for now from her side.

When asked whether she will continue to act and do modeling, she definitely answered yes saying that Naveed’s family is a ‘modern family’ and does not believe in old traditions. Well, good for her if they don’t. Let’s hope they don’t listen to the Lollywood news too often, and even if they do, Meeraji’s convincing skills should be enough to tell them her side of the story, which matters.

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