Ali Zafar is Hopeful about Pakistani Cinema


Ali Zafar about Pakistani CinemaThe cinema of Pakistan has never taken a high road and got started. Whatever charm that it had in the 1960s and 1970s, which is considered golden era for Pakistani films, has long gone and needs a revival of Cinema badly. A new approach to film making is all that is required because there is undoubtedly a great talent pool available in the country.

For this very reason of having talented artists, India is making the most out of them. Pakistani artists are getting offers to be involved in Bollywood either for singing or for acting and most of them have even been there and done that. Ali Zafar has been a huge success unlike anyone else. Ali Zafar thinks that the cinema of Pakistan can improve as the government has passed new regulations which ask every mall in the country to have a theatre. Ali said:

“Since Indian films have started coming to Pakistan, people are going to cinemas more often. Now more cinema halls are being constructed. The government has made the rule that every mall should have a theatre and screens and it is certainly getting better.”

Getting new directors who are free to apply their creativity and aim for a difference can certainly make the change of scene Pakistani cinema is looking for. With films like Bol, Khuda Kay Liye, and Ramchand Pakistani have set a good trend of making issue-oriented films that not only provide us entertainment but also provoke us to think on these issues. May be making meaningful cinema in a country like Pakistan is the very break that Lollywood itself needs.

If there is such a hope as expressed by Ali Zafar in these words then things are certainly going to be better:

“People have rejected those bogus old ways of telling stories as they want something new. Pakistan is witnessing a new wave, thanks to social media.”

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