Mushahid wants Veena Malik as a Senator


Mushahid Ullah, who is a Senator and politician from Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), wants Veena Malik to join the political party. He gave her name to be a senator or Deputy Chairman of the Senate. But this does not seem to be the right suggestion as Veena can only attract negative attention. He suggested her name to attract members in the Upper House of the Parliament.

He felt compelled to make such an announcement because no one attends senate meetings, especially not the Federal ministers. But for sure, this is a bolt from the blue and not the kind of media attention the Senate wants. Veena is already making news with her reckless behavior on and off the screen. She does not need to get down to being so desperate by joining a political party and have a political portfolio. She already has an attention seeking tactics of her own.

Besides, the seats for government service should not be taken for granted as has been by Mushahid Ullah. Many of the seats are already wasted due to being occupied by people who function as nothing more than seat fillers. Veena Malik would not be a welcome attraction to something that needs no controversy other than its own.

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