Sur Kshetra Auditions Controversies


Atif Aslam poster Sur KshetraIt was 15th Jan. 2012 and I was watching 9 o’clock news on Geo News, when I saw the first TV advertisement for the call of auditions for a singing competition between Pakistan and India, ‘Sur Ki Baazi’.

My first expression was WTH and quickly after this many questions started rambling in my mind like; audition? One more time? So what was the purpose of the previous auditions which Atif Aslam took himself? Who were the people that took their flight to Dubai on 13th Jan? What the hell these people are doing in Dubai? And so on . . .

Actually, a month ago, on 21st Dec. 2011, I had received a text message from a friend in which he asked me to accompany him on 23rd Dec. on the auditions of Sur Kshetra, a singing competition between two teams, led by Atif Aslam from Pakistan and Himesh Reshamiya from India. I replied him, ‘Ok, Done Hai Boss’. A day passed and we together went for the auditions on 23rd Dec. 2011 at South End Club, Khayanbane-e-Rahat, DHA, Karachi.

Auditions were supposed to start at 10:00am but as expected, the superstar Atif Aslam was very late and he showed up around 05:00pm. I saw many talented guys jamming together, some of them were mind blowing and much more then what we expect. Anyways the auditions for the show ended at 12 o’clock midnight. Youngsters there were very much excited that they atleast got the chance to meet the superstar Atif Aslam personally. Later on same day I found out that Lahore auditions will be taking place on 25th December, 2011.

All the auditions came to an end on 25th Dec, 2011 and almost after three weeks on 13th Jan, 2011, the selected contestants of team Pakistan went to Dubai for the competition. First episode of the show was recorded yesterday 19th Jan, 2012 and first elimination show happened today, which eliminated Faraz Nayaar, the Lahori guy of team Pakistan.

Below is the group picture of the team Pakistan, Sara Raza, Misha Razzaq, Nabeel Shaukat and Faraz Nayyar (first eliminated contestant) can be seen among them.

I contacted all my possible sources but still could’nt find the reason why Geo is creating all this auditions controversy and what is the reason behind it. We have to wait and watch because only time will reveal it.

In the end of my blog, I want to inform you guys that I am not hearing any good news about our team, they are final selected contestants and we need to support them. All our best wishes are with them, hopefully they will do good and make us proud 🙂

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