Indian and Pakistani Chefs Will Compete in Foodistan


Foodistan, a new television show will bring together cuisines from India and Pakistan and chefs from both the countries competing against each other for a good taste. The organisers of the programme feel confident that the show will be a success and are excited to see these chefs compete on something constructive for a change.

There will be a team of eight chefs for each country and they will have to make dishes from scratch. Their cooking will be judged by Vir Sanghvi, who is a food critic, by Sonya Jehan, who is an actress, and by Merrilees Parker, who is a British celebrity chef and TV presenter.

Both the nations have many cuisines in common where tastes for food are also a lot similar. The show will be broadcast by NDTV Lifestyle as announced by Smeeta Chakrabarti, the CEO. She said that:

“This new show is extremely exciting for us because India and Pakistan are two nations that share a common passion for food.”

The show will also help introduce both Indians and Pakistanis to each other foods and their varieties and how it is all made. The first series of the show will start next week and is shot in India. This means that next series might get shot in Pakistan. Foodistan will also highlight to the world the rich colours that both India and Pakistan have in their food culture.

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