Meera Will Get Engaged to an American Pilot on February 19


Filmstar MeeraNow it seems to be Meera’s time to get married and this time not fake, but for real. She has chosen an American-born pilot named Naveed Pervez to be her future husband. She will be engaged to him in a ceremony to be held on February 19.

As of yet, this is all what she has made plans about. So the date of her marriage is not set. She will decide upon her big day after discussing with both hers and his families. Whether Meera is in any kind of a race on her own against Reema since she also got married to an American-born Pakistani on November 18 recently, or whether Meera has just simply realized it is time to settle down and enter a new phase in her life, it is something that only Meera can answer.

But we should still keep our eyes open on any surprise, more rather a shock that might come our way with regards to her engagement. The news of her engagement is indeed quick and out of nowhere, so her fans should get ready for more drama, perhaps just real this time.

Update: Filmstar Meera denies any such news and tweeted: “Hi Friends, I m not getting married, these r all rumors”

meera jee tweets about her marriage rumor

Where as her PR Manager Arsalan Hyder congratulated her client Meera and vowed to share her engagement pictures soon:

meera PR manager Arsalan Hyder tweets regarding Marriage of Meera

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