Indian Immigration is Not Allowing Veena Malik to Enter Their Country


It seems like Veena Malik can do most things rightly and India also has had enough from her. According to reported, Veena got in trouble at the airport in India while coming from Dubai because the Indian immigration officials have refused to process her visa paperwork. The reason for their refusal to let her enter their country is obvious and they have also made it clear saying that her recent controversial scandals have been the cause. A source close to Veena said:

“Veena is now in Dubai and she is facing some issue garnering an Indian visa. The reason for this is her recent controversies. The actress got involved in multiple controversies and now the visa office has asked her to clear all these before issuing her a visa.”

To gain publicity Veena is known to use cheap scandals which are of her own making. She is not known for her work more than she is for the controversies she has made for herself. She is the real drama queen, rather specifically a controversy queen of show business. She will come to her senses when both Lollywood and Bollywood would let her know that such tactics of her getting low will not work anymore. One thing which is terribly disappointing is that she is a Pakistani who does not care about her country’s cultural heritage and its international image. Only when rejected by India she would realize that her doors are getting closed almost everywhere.

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