Veena Says She Has Been Misquoted In the Media about Hollywood Films


Veena MAlikVeena Malik has denied reports about her willingness to pose nude and said that she has been misunderstood in what she was trying to say. According to her, she has already received many offers from international publications for her nude pictures, but she refused their tempting offers. Such magazines as Playboy, Sun UK and Zoo Magazine, have already approached her for this kind of photo-shoot. In a statement issued today by Veena, she says:

“I have been misquoted by media agency that I was willing to do anything if I was offered Hollywood films. The working culture there is different from India and Pakistan.”

She says that she is interested in working for Hollywood, but not the way she had been portrayed to in the media. She said,

“This doesn’t mean that I would go nude for work. How can one reach any such conclusion?”

It seems like the whole nude controversy for Veena will stick along with her a bit longer than she expects it to. Since she had already posed nude for India’s FHM, she has been part of everything negative getting all the brunt that a celebrity does for being silly. She however still maintains that her FHM photo-shoot was tampered with. But there has not been any official action taken by her against the magazine for creating such a controversial storm for her in Pakistan.

May be there is truth to the whole story after all. When it comes to Veena, we cannot be sure and the reason for her incredibility is herself alone. Dubai seems like a safe haven for everyone who wants to run away, it is where Veena is these days. It is better to come out clean and say everything to her audience clearly then being in negative news like this.

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