Veena Malik Will Do as Hollywood Asks of Her


Even though artists are best cultural ambassadors a country could have and work as great diplomats when it comes to bridging gaps between different nations, but this concept might not apply fully to Veena Malik. She wants to be essentially an entertainer because of which she will follow the idea of an entertainer in a particular country’s entertainment industry and not that of the country of her origin.

She said while talking to a reporter of Gulf News that,

“In Pakistan I work within the culture and in India or Bollywood I do the same. When I’m in Hollywood I would do what is expected of me within their industry. I’m an entertainer after all.”

What more could be an honour for an artist than to be a cultural ambassador for his or her country, but may be this bigger picture is not perceptible for Veena Malik and she wants to merely reduce herself as an entertainer fulfilling an industry’s demands rather than aim for something higher and real.

I think she needs to be reminded of a man who tried to please everybody but ended up pleasing nobody. But maybe she thinks that since she is a woman this classic metaphorical anecdote does not apply to her. Nor it seems that cultural values and customs. She has always been controversial and it seems like this is how she wants to be remembered as; a controversial actress rather than a serious one.

The way she has been acting lately off the screen, I think she can forget about returning home. There are already pages and groups created on Facebook saying something to the extent of ‘Veena Malik Pakistan doesn’t want you back’. May be some day she would realize that this was no way to exit Pakistan in order to enter other entertainment industries, because no one wants rejected actresses.

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