Veena Malik to be Seen on an Indian Reality TV Show


Veena Malik is in news again, but this time for a better reason. Although, the news to her fans in Pakistan might still be shocking as she is to marry an NRI. She will be seen in the reality TV show called Swayamvar through which she will find her Mr. Right and we know that person ain’t going to be a Pakistani now.

Veena has been part of much negative news in the past and with the recent controversy of her obscene photos in FHM, she has stamped herself forever with a taint on her image. Although she says they have been faked and has denied knowing anything about them. She surely wants to leave her dark past behind. She is hopeful for the new show she is working on and wants to improve her chances of being taken as a good ambassador for the country. Only her next steps will determine if she can continue to hope in this way.

One advice she can, however, follow any time is to not make everything about herself and look seriously for working as an entertainer if that is something she wants to be. The TRP for the show is expected to be better after the recent news coverage Veena has received despite its bad tone. She is already known to the Indian audiences through her appearance in another reality TV show called Bigg Boss in its Season 4. She was in Indian news for her alleged relationship with Ashmit Patel. Now there could be more of her again, but only as she wants.

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