Subcontinent’s Musical Legend Nashad’s Death Anniversary is Being Celebrated Today


musician NashadThe musical legend Nashad is being remembered today on the occasion of his 31st death anniversary according to a report on SAMAA’s website. He was a renowned composer of music who worked for both Bollywood and Lollywood. His music is now a classic that young aspiring composers can look up to. He has amused both his critics and his fans to a good taste in music which is a rarer gem to have in one’s abilities.

Born in Delhi, India in 1923 on July 11, he learned to play flute at an early age. He moved to Bombay as it was then known to the heart of the Indian film industry to give his musical talent to films. He used a pseudonym when he debuted as Shaukat Dehelvi composing music for the action film, Dildaar in 1947. Then he used the name Shaukat Husain to compose for the 1948 film Jeenay Do.

The name change occurred again and this time he used the name Shaukat Ali to compose for the film Payal, also made in 1948. The name change went back and forth from the surname being Dehelvi for some films to Husain. Then in 1949, he composed under the name of Shaukat Husain Haideri for the film Dada.

Finally, in 1953 the director Nakshab changed his name permanently from Shaukat Ali to Nashad and he became famous for his work under this name. His last Indian film was Flying Man in 1962 and then he migrated to Pakistan. He worked for Maikhana in 1964 as a musician and composed music for more than 60 Pakistani films till his death on January 14, 1981. He is known for the music he gave in 1960s and 1970s for Pakistani films.

His wife was an Indian and he had eight sons and seven daughters. Six of his sons are into music, three of them are composers and two of them are singers. One of them is a cricketer and the other a supervisor. Nashad famously composed music for such films as Baradari, Zindagi Ya Toofan, Azmat, Aik Raat, Tum Mile Pyar Mila, Salgirah, Bandagi, Rim Jhim.

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