Atif Aslam joins Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf (PTI) ???


Atif Aslam joins Pakistan Tehreek InsaafIt all started when a rockstar Ali Azmat was first spotted on a stage of a political sit-in. Soon after this we saw the band Strings performing their patriotic song in a historical PTI Jalsa in Lahore. Then, renowned bhangra singer and philanthropist announced not only his support for the party, but he vowed to join PTI as a political worker.

As of yet, many other musicians and bands have showed their support for Imran Khan’s political party PTI and if we have to believe the rumors, Atif Aslam too is planning to support Pakistan Tehreek-e-insaaf.

The cyber space is buzzing today with the rumors that Atif Aslam is to join PTI. The rumor, first reported on PlayTV’s website, is being pressed right now on various other online publications without any verification. When we tried to confirm this with our sources, we didn’t get an affirmative answer. The source however quipped:

“Atif Aslam is a big name whose popularity is far wide in the world, if he decides to support any political party in Pakistan that would be a great support for the party as Atif has a huge fan following in Pakistani youth. But I don’t see it happening! Star like Atif Aslam would not put all his weight to a single party and would rather like to remain neutral.”

It also looks like a remote possibility as Atif Aslam is on the peak of his career and busy with mega projects like Indian Reality Show Sur kShetra and Sonic Peacemakers Project. Either joining the party or get into the ground to support a political party can take him away from his actual fan following, who loves his songs and not the speech!

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