Lahore Court Issues Warrant against Overload’s Former Band Members, Meesha and Mahmood


Meesha and ShafiMeesha Shafi and Mahmood Rahman are both in trouble for allegations against stealing equipment from Farhad Humayun’s studio, what some online sources say is probably a vocal processor. The Lahore court has even issued a warrant on Monday against these two former-members of Overload. However, Mahmood is in denial of any such legal action against the two of them saying, “The report is completely false”. Some sources, however, say that they have confessed to their guilt of doing such an act.

Farhad still maintains that this is the case, but he would not like to make a big fuss out of fear of giving bad reputation to Overload’s former band members. Despite apparently showing a soft corner for Meesha and Mahmood, he used strong words saying:

“I guess the word got out because the court issued a statement. It usually does when criminals don’t appear for the hearing.”

The reason the band split up over a year ago in the first place was due to disagreements between Farhad, the band’s drummer and Meesha, the lead vocalist and Mahmood, the lead guitarist over personal and creative differences. Now they have taken their feuds to new level of legal action. Already there is an infringement claims by Meesha Shafi against Overload copying her song “Dhol Bajay Ga without her prior consent.

To settle things strictly, Meesha got a restraining order against Farhad from the court. However, the song is considered to be the property of Overload for they released it under their banner despite it being owned by Meesha legally or at least creatively. Hence, it is a joint-property of both. The creative and intellectual property rights have a long way to go for development in Pakistani music industry.

The story has another twist in it, that being about the ownership of the claimed stolen object. It has been reported that particular vocal processor actually belongs to Meesha who brought it Farhad’s studio when she was still part of the team of Overload. One cannot steal something that already belongs to him or her. In this way, Meesha and Mahmood are in no way “criminals” as put in words by Farhad.

The matter should further be investigated properly as to who is the rightful owner of the stolen equipment in question. Never the less, the warrant has indeed been issued and now there is in fact a criminal record against Meesha and Mahmood. The former is currently in India for shooting her new movie. Meesha is also playing a role in Paktisan’s most anticipated feature film “Waar”.

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